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What We Offer



Our purpose was to design a book for the reluctant reader - the one who loves sports, but just can't seem to find that book that makes him/her want to read.  And, while our books are initially designed for the young reader, they are full of facts and information that all students in elementary school love!  We don't just cover the athlete, we also cover facts about the NCAA and the professional leagues so the young readers learn even more about the sport they love.


We love spending time with our readers!  We'll share with them the process to writing a book, discuss research and illustration process as well as cover things like text features and various parts of a book!  And, of course, share fun stories on these great players! Contact us to schedule a visit at your school or special event,


Help us promote reading!  We'd be honored to set up shop at your location so we can introduce kids to some fun books and encourage them to read.