How to Help

1) Equipment Collection Days - throughout the year, we schedule Equipment Collection dates at various locations.  Follow us on Facebook and twitter to stay informed!  

2) Hold an Equipment Drive - Want to get your business or organization involved?  We'd love to work with you to coordinate an equipment drive at your location.  

3) Drop off - Contact us to arrange for drop off!  We are always willing to accept donations when available.

Locker Room

As part of the Glory Days Live goal to support and enhance athletic experiences for underprivileged youth, we have created a Locker Room to outfit kids for the season.  Many families struggle just to pay for the base fees associated with sports.  Even if they are able to cover that cost, they aren't able to provide their son or daughter with the equipment needed to play the game. 

Kids outgrow their gear year after year and many either have items too small or end up not playing that season because they don't have the right equipment.

With your equipment donations, we are able to distribute needed gear to kids who just want to play the game!

We collect and distribute equipment for all sports, so clean out that closet or garage and contact us today!

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